Sustainable and Comprehensive Development in Pistishí (2009-2013)

in the province of Chimborazo. In 2008 it was considered the third poorest in Ecuador, with 98% of its inhabitants living in extreme poverty. Nowadays, it is considered a best practice of sustainable development and collaboration between the local government and AVANTI.

Areas of work:

  • Education.
  • Health and basic services.
  • Agribusiness and productivity.
  • Community tourism and microbusiness.


  • Equipped library
  • Computer lab.
  • Computer science, English and Reading lessons .
  • Restored and equipped school and daycare.
  • Special education program.
  • University scholarship program.


  • Water filters in each home
  • First aid kits in each home and community centers.
  • First aid and CPR training .
  • Fire extinguishers placed in strategic locations.
  • Brigadas médicas.
  • Medical brigades.
  • Emergency care.
  • Primary care health center.


  • Training on agriculture.
  • Planted 6000 Guarango trees.
  • Planted fruit trees.
  • Organic fruit planting program.

Community Tourism

    4 microbusinesses working in tourism in the Devil’s Nose train station:

  • Dance group.
  • Handcrafts .
  • Community Tourism.
  • Train Cafeteria.
  • Sightseeing spot and restaurant in the community.
  • Customer service and food and beverage management training.

Development and Social Business in Coaque (since january 2014)

rural community with over 2000 inhabitants out of which 99% live in extreme poverty. It is located in the County of Pedernales, in the coastal province of Manabi.

Objective: Create a value-added product based on cocoa.

Coaque Phases

    • Phase 1

    • Training

      in post-harvesting and stocking center management to cocoa producers from the local producer’s association-ASOPROPED. (March-April 2014). This was done thanks to the support from the British Embassy in Ecuador.

    • Phase 2

    • Create

      social business to develop the value-added product.

    • Phase 3

    • Implement

      a financially sustainable model for the health and education programs- funded through the social business.

Opportunities to Dream

Kids from Pistishí travel to Quito and Guayaquil for the first time


Promoting Action

Working with local producers during 5 days.

University Entrepreneurship Contest – with Trident

Accelerating Social Businesses, one hub at a time! (2014)

Visit Spark

Creating Awareness

The "Iberoamerican Social Photojournalists" organized the contest “Pictures of the Year Latin America”. Sponsored the Prize for the Sustainable Development Category.

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